Analysis Of The Development Of Erin Brockovich’s Character In The Film

In Erin Brockovich: The Biopic, we meet the character of Erin Brockovich as a mother of three singles who was divorced twice. Brockovich is in a dissimilar situation because her career goals are restricted by being a single mother and being unemployed. This essay examines Brockovich’s development as a person in relation to power and confidence.

Brockovich portrays a sense of helplessness, not intelligence or reliability. She is portrayed by a series unlucky events in her life. First impressions of Brockovich are based on her profligate clothes and foul mouth. It is easy to see that she is a stereotyped single mother in desperate need of money. Brockovich’s character is honed as she becomes more assertive in the firm due to the lack of prospects. She would find that this was both a blessing, and a curse when she came across the questionable documents from PG&E. She is able to convince others that something is wrong despite their dismissal of her because they assume she lacks legal knowledge. She was a strong character who showed her commitment and care for the families. Brockovin would never have achieved her unlikely victory if it wasn’t for her individual persistence, resilience and moral compass.

Erin Brockovin, a woman of power who overcomes obstacles to get more than what she deserves, is a great example of empowerment. It’s clear that Erin Brockovin has become tougher due to her divorces, her bad past and her financial situation. She tries to balance motherhood, a career, and her sense of worth throughout the movie. Brockovich doesn’t hold any business power because she isn’t even a qualified attorney. Despite being ignored, Brockovich fights to the death to make the case run. This is what gets her noticed by PG&E, a multi-billion-dollar company. Brockovich receives an ominous phone call, telling her that she should “stop the investigations if you’re doing it for yourself and your family.” Her conscience however will not let Brockovich give up – no matter how unconventional her looks or her position. It gives her more confidence to take on the system. While she’s preoccupied with work research, she doesn’t do a great job as a mother. She leaves her kids with George. She may not be present in her mind, but she is taking preemptive steps to make sure that her kids have a stable future. Though she may not look like a typical mother, she constantly shows to her children that the good comes with sacrifice. “NOT PERSONAL! I am putting in WORK, sweat and time away from my children.

The movie shows that Erin Brockovich is breaking stereotypes of single mothers in her professional and private life. Brockovich shows that perseverance and hard work pay off. She personifies the phrase: “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”.


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