Analysis Of The Song “Another Brick In The Wall, Pt.2” By Pink Floyd

Music has been used throughout history to inspire emotion and heal. A song’s melody can bring out emotions in people, such as laughter, tears, and even chills. Music and its meanings connect people. Music can bring people together in times of crisis. It gives them hope and motivation to make changes. Many musicians used the pain and suffering of soldiers in World War II or Vietnam War to inspire their music. Protests, marches, and the desire for tranquility were reflected in melodies.

Pink Floyd, a British band formed during the Vietnam War. Inspired by blues, the group combined the names of Floyd Council and Pink Anderson to honor their love for this music. Pink Floyd was established by Syd Barry, who was also the bass player. Waters led the band’s peak years. But the band continued on after Waters’ departure. In the 1980s, guitarist David Gilmour joined. Rick Wright was also a member. They created music that was against the government and war. Pink Floyd was a band that created a deep hatred for war. People loved their music during the golden years. They also desired freedom from government regulation. Many protested, singing their hearts out for the restoration of peace. Pink Floyd, with its psychedelic music and acid rock connotations, has been known for its “rebellious” nature. Their best-known song is actually the third. I like the second, but you should also understand the context. Each part is unique in its feeling, color, texture and overall theme. The one common thread is the building of walls around you and your separation from the outside world. Waters is referring to “bricks on the wall” when he talks about the things that make it difficult to interact with the outside world. Part one opens in a major chord. The Hammond organ plays a soft, psychedelic sound that fades into a gentle harmony. The singer then tells Waters’ story. As he recounts the story of his father’s trip to Europe, and only having pictures of him, one feels something. He continued to explain that this was just one brick in a wall.

Their most famous song, “Another Brick in The Wall”, was released in 1979 after the war had ended. The band believed their music should be listened rather than danced to. However, “Another Brick in The Wall Pt.2” is a disco song that has been enduringly popular. The song starts off with a high-pitched scream and is cut short by the artist who declares “We don’t have to be educated.” A polyphonic harmony is created from the bass guitar guitar, drums, drums, Hammond organ, and guitar. It has a lively feel and thick texture. It has the vibes and colors of 70’s disco and you will soon feel your hips and shoulders doing a little bop. The next verses continue the harmony.

“We don’t need any thought control,”

There is no dark sarcasm allowed in the classroom

“Leave them alone, teachers.”

The tempo picks-up and he shouts triumphantly.

“Hey! Teachers! Let them be kids”

You can then hear heavy bass guitar and guitar playing in a harmony. The original tune, which is accompanied by lots of percussion, is introduced.

“All things considered, it’s just another brick on the wall.”

Overall, you are just another brick on the wall.”

After that all else is gone except the beat and the voices of children’s chorus sing the lyrics again. The melody also continues to repeats. Professor Marcello at California State University said that the “Bricks” in this song’s second section resemble Roger. “The lyrics…are directed towards every person and all those who did not allow Roger to be the man he is.” He felt restricted by the people around him. The analogy of a teacher student is from this. Teachers aren’t afraid to correct students and encourage them to be their best. He is referring to authority figures as the bricks that make up the walls. The true meaning of the song is that teachers represent the government while students represent the people. The government is not open to people doing what they want.

Part 3 is shorter but completes the story. It begins with the sound of glass being shot at. The melody for Part 2 is the same, but the pace has been slowed down to make it more electric. The sound of the guitars and drums hitting each other is predominant. A straining voice preaches.

“I don’t require arms around to me,”

I don’t need to be sedated to feel calm.

I have seen what is written on the wall.

Don’t believe I have anything to be happy.

A thick wave of electric guitar strikes like light after each line. The Hammond organ makes larger sounds and gives the guitars and drums a taste of funk. However, after the line ends, the Hammond organ quickly pulls back the sound. After the lyrics are added, a modified version plays of the original tune.

“All things considered, it was just bricks on the wall.”

“All things considered, you were just bricks in a wall.”

“Pink believes he can live with the lack of all the things he desires in his life. He claims that medication will not help him, but make his feelings worse. Professor Marcello says Marcello has been through a lot and has created a wall that will protect him from anyone else.

These songs were included in a ninety-minute movie called “The Wall” that shows Pink, the main character dealing with the death of his father, being a protective parent, struggling in school, cheating, and having to take drugs to perform. Pink feels too fragile to continue feeling this way and breaks down the wall he has built around himself.

This song was chosen to be discussed because it reminds of my dad’s childhood and how we used to listen together. Pink Floyd was a favorite of my dad and it is the reason that I started to like rock music. The time period is another reason why I love this song. If I could only live one time, it would be the 1970’s. The music and colors are energetic, and the feeling is nostalgic. Because of the hurt I received from people, I built walls around myself. This song is full of emotion and every instrument and voice conveys that feeling. People get so caught up in the words that they lose sight of the fact that there are colorful fireworks right in front their eyes. Your heart starts to beat faster. Sometimes your face lights up as you dance to the beat. Other times, your stomach becomes numb. “Another Brick In The Wall, Pt.2” inspires me to continue fighting for the problems I don’t have to face and fight for them every day. The harmony is what makes me want move and groove. The words are what make me want freedom from everything that holds me back or controls me.