Bridge To Terabithia: A Book For Teenagers And Adults

Katherine Paterson is the author of Bridge to Terabithia. The story Bridge to Terabithia begins with a man called Jess. Jess lived alone in a family. He lived with his four sisters and his parents. Jess had a difficult relationship with his dad. His father didn’t like Jess’ drawings. Jess was milking Miss Bessie’s cow one day and he noticed a man sitting at the fence nearby. Jess was immediately told by the person: “Hi, I’m Leslie. What’s your name? Lets get friends!” Jess stood for awhile and finally said: “Hi Jess. Jess was unsure about Leslie’s background, so Leslie informed her about Jess. She told him that she was 10 years old, and that her parents are not writing. Leslie told him that she has no siblings. Leslie said to Jess, “She is an outsider.” Jess also told Leslie that he is an insider.

Leslie was a laughing stock when Leslie first arrived to school at the beginning of school. They went outside after the third lesson. All of them ran in the upper fields. Leslie, who was also keen to run, came to the rescue. Jess and everyone else didn’t like Leslie running. Jess questioned Fulcher (the class boss) whether he would let a woman run. Fulcher knew he wouldn’t answer “yes” to everyone laughing at him now. So he let Leslie run. Fulcher announced that Fulcher would be running with the fourth group. Leslie took Jess’s place at the start line. Fulcher stated: “Ready!” Steady! Jess thought he could beat anyone, but suddenly Leslie passed him. Leslie won! Jess was furious at her. Leslie shares her passion about scubadiving with Mrs Meyers, and she gives homework for the class to watch a video about scubadiving on TV. Leslie stated that she doesn’t own a television. The class laughed at her. Mrs. Meyers however said that she doesn’t need to do homework. Jess, Leslie and Janice Avery saw Janice Avery stealing Twinkies at May Bell – Jess’s sister. Janice saw them and they devised a plan to make her pay by sending her a fake letter of love from their secret crush. Leslie and Jess wrote it in Terabithia. Terabithia was their secret land. It was virtual. They could also go there alone, and no one will ever see them. Jess did not have anything to gift Leslie at Christmas. Jess saw the dog while he was on his way to school. Jess offered to take the dog for Leslie. Jess then took the dog to Leslie the day after. The dog was given to Leslie by Jess on the day they left Terabithia. Leslie fell in love with the dog and named him Prince Terrien. Leslie gifted Jess a set of water colors the next day. Jess was so happy to have it that he forgot the Christmas present he received from Leslie, a set of racing cars. Ben, Leslies father, asked Jess to paint their living room with gold after Christmas. Jess assists the family and Leslies family sends Jess cakes. Jess was very happy to help someone he liked. Jess was shocked to see Janice crying after the Christmas holidays. Jess encouraged Leslie not to leave Janice alone and told her to go to a toilet. It was almost Easter, and the time flew by quickly. Jess, his family and Leslie wanted Easter to be a time of joy. They discussed what would happen to Leslie if he died.

It began to pour after the Easter holiday. The river rose after three days of rain. This was the reason Jesss and Leslie traveled to Terabithia. They found it much more difficult to get to Terabithia. The fact that Leslie and Jess were unable to go to Terabithia didn’t deter them. Jess was invited to Washington D.C. by Miss Edmunds on Saturday morning. Jess was stunned when he reached for the phone. He took a deep breath and said to Miss Edmunds: “I need to ask my mom if you can take me.” Jess asked his mother if her son would like to go. She was only partially asleep. Jesses mother agreed and he went with Miss Edmunds to Washington. Miss Edmunds took Jess with her to Washington’s National Gallery of Art. After lunch, Miss Edmunds gave Jess a ride home.

He finally returned home and saw there was no TV, but everyone was waiting. His father told him that Leslie was dead. Jess was stunned and ran to Burke’s house. He could see all the police around him when he got close to them. He continued on to Terabithia. He ran and screamed “Leslie!” as he reached Terabithia. Jess was running at such a fast pace and shouting so loud he didn’t notice that the time was going by.

He heard the sound at the end of the song. May Bell was hanging from the fallen tree when he arrived at it. He ran over to her and helped them get up. Together they returned home after he had helped her to stand.

Jess was just getting home when he tried to fall asleep. Jess had placed his book near his head and attempted to sleep again. He fell asleep very easily. Jess was accompanied by his mother and father to the funeral. Leslie’s father shared with Jess his belief that he was Leslie’s only friend. Leslie and his family returned to Pennsylvania, where they had lived for many years. Jess did not have all the material he needed to build a bridge from Terabithia. Jess built the bridge himself. He elected a new queen. May Bell was finally elected as the queen. Jess made May Bell queen after realizing that Leslie was his mental bridge. He could not be a king if he worked hard at home. Later, Jess traveled to Terabithia to show May Bell the secrets. This concludes the story Bridge To Terabithia. This book would be a good choice for adults and teens. This book exceeded my expectations and was very interesting.


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