Evaluation Of Medical Accuracy In Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its excessive dramatization. Shonda Rhimes is the show’s writer. She tries to make the show more entertaining by adding more drama. It can mislead viewers about how hospitals work. While it hasn’t been thoroughly studied, many people have shared their opinions on how Grey’s Anatomy made them want to enter the medical field. Many people are aware that the show does not always reflect the reality. There are still people who feel confident in their medical knowledge, even if the show isn’t accurate. Grey’s Anatomy was first broadcast in 2005. It follows the crazy lives of Seattle Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s medical professionals. Pilot episode “A Hard Day’s Night” features 5 interns Meredith Christina, Izzie Alex, George and their first 48-hour call. This episode highlights the drama and struggles that interns go through on their first day. All of the interns are introduced to Miranda Bailey, their resident. Bailey then gives the interns a tour and explains the basics. Bailey’s tour is over and she receives a page for her and her interns to run to the roof in order to see the helicopter carrying a patient suffering from seizures. Preston Burke, another doctor orders that the interns perform the shotgun test. Doctor Mike, a doctor and famous YouTuber, says that the interns must perform all the basic tests (shotgun).

George completes a simple operation on his first shift. Burke was his supervisor and began to get frustrated so he took control of the procedure. Burke says George admitted that he made mistakes while learning. To date, all residents have treated all interns rudely. The residents treat interns as if they were nothing. Doctor Mike claims that real hospital doctors are open to you learning and welcome you to their clinic. All doctors want interns to succeed and learn from them.

Burke picked George to be his second surgery even though he had already had one. The gallery is filled with interns betting on how long it will take for him to make a mistake. This episode just shows George removing his appendix and Burke standing above him. Burke doesn’t help George until George accidentally damages the purse strings. George was able to get his long-standing nickname 007 from this mishap, which translates into license to kill. In actuality, the surgeon will be talking to the intern about how to properly perform the surgery. To ensure you fully understand the procedure, the surgeon will also ask tough questions.

Izzie had to give antibiotics to Mr. Jones because of his junky veins. She was trying to figure out how to set up a central line, but she couldn’t find the right person to help her. Bailey is not happy about being woken by her inability to start the central line. I found it funny that Izzie was not able to initiate an antibiotic, even though it was her job.

Meredith was given Katie, a seizure patient who had been assigned earlier. Meredith found out that Katie was experiencing multiple seizures the night Meredith entered Katie’s bedroom. The nurses quickly called Bailey and Derek Shepherd, head of neurology, to get her paged. Meredith tried putting Katie on medication to stop her seizures, but she was unable to do so. After all of the above failed, Meredith shocked Katie and her heartbeat returned to normal. Meredith and Christina both realized that Katie had an aneurysm.

Doctor Shepherd confirms Katie has an aneurysm. Meredith and Christina are congratulated for their successful diagnosis. Shepherd chooses Meredith as Katie’s scrub assistant, since she was the one who discovered the problem. Christina is mad at Meredith as she knows more about Derek’s and Meredith’s marriage. Meredith decides to not scrub in, as she believes Derek is only picking her because they have a relationship.

Grey’s Anatomy’s entire series is based on the relationship drama. It begins with Meredith, Derek. They didn’t know each other when their relationship began. Meredith was shocked to learn that Derek was her boss.

Throughout the episode, Derek tried to convince Meredith that he was going out again. Grey’s Anatomy does have a lot of romantic relationships, but Doctor Mike says that these are not appropriate and don’t happen very often.


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