How The Lion King Changed My Life 

? We are prone to passively watching movies and consuming them in massive quantities. Rarely do we find films that are able to change our life’s perspective, or that have the power to astonish us. ? The Lion King was the first movie to make a lasting impression in my 8-year old mind. Simba the prince cub is made to feel guilty for witnessing his father being murdered by his evil uncle. He flees from his kingdom out of shame. He meets new friends along the way who give him valuable life advice. Finally, he returns to his kingdom and takes back his throne. Along with the story, the movie provides a number of lessons. The Lion?King has transformed my life, inspiring me to adopt life philosophies. ?

“The Lion Kings” has helped to improve my lifestyle. I was inspired to?always pursue my dreams. Simba, for example, gives up his dream to rule his father’s kingdom due to conflict, but he persists and achieves his?lifelong goal. Through this experience, I realized that I could achieve anything I wanted, no matter how unlikely it may seem. The second thing it taught me was that worrying isn’t productive. Simba was comforted by Simba’s?friends, who told him to not worry about things he could never change. I have learned that worrying about something you cannot change is a waste of time. Simba’s story in? The Lion King opened my eyes to new ideas about life. ?

The Lion King also made me aware of some basic life lessons, in particular the circle?of?life. First of all, I realized that conflict and horrible events are unavoidable. Every person, whether good or evil, will experience terrible mishaps, but this is just life and cannot be avoided. Simba for instance is an innocent child who hasn’t done anything to deserve his family’s tragedies, but he still must go through the trials of life. Secondly?death’s a fact of life. The only way to be immortal is by accepting death. Simba learns about death early on from his father, who prepares him to accept the fated destiny of life. ‘The Lion King’?helped to embrace reality and the circle life. ?

The Lion King has influenced my view of the world and changed how I define it. After watching this movie I’ve been able to keep this philosophy in my mind for any bad moments I encounter.


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