Music In My Life: How Music Has Shaped Me

Essay about my music life

William Shakespeare once stated, “If the music of love is to be played, let it play.” “Music has always played a major role in my life. Music has a deep emotional impact on me. I have a strong connection to the piano, guitars, basses, and my vocal performance. I am happier and healthier because of music. It gives me more power, hope and control over my life. It enriches and feeds me, bringing riches to my life that I can’t even imagine. This essay discusses my relationship with music and how it has helped me grow in many ways.

I am a spiritual person because of music. My unwavering passion for music has made me a more spiritual person. I will often take quotes and put them into songs, so they’re always in my mind. I am actually in the middle of creating my first CD based on how the holy tablet has influenced my life. I’ve produced and written multiple songs based on the holy scriptures from my faith. They are sung in a sweet melody for my community, usually at fundraising events or holy days. I am always able to feel His mercy when I look out into the audience while playing my guitar. My community’s music has given me the opportunity to educate people who have not yet been enlightened by their faith. It has been a wonderful experience to teach children, teenagers and adults.

Music has helped me overcome any obstacles that I have faced and maintain my mental peace. Over the years, I have expanded my musical horizons to include composing my own music. It was in the eighth-grade that I developed an interest in composition. After self-teaching myself and being motivated, I created my first piece of music in four months. It was during this time that I realized there are endless possibilities in music composition. Simply plotting notes randomly on a musical sheet is not enough. It is the key signatures of the notes, the melodies or chords that are important to turn a musical dream into a lasting reality. When I internalized some of these concepts, they helped me see many of my problems, whether literary, conceptual, or mathematical, in a fresh light. I’m able to turn this situation into an occasion to grow and improve my musical abilities.

Music has also taught me about the importance of dedication and leadership. I was able to expand my musical skills by participating in the choir program of my high-school. My involvement with the program has helped me grow into the strong leader I am now. As president, I realized that the leadership of a leader is crucial to a group’s success. The example set by a leader should represent the group, not just the individual. It takes a lot of dedication and teamwork to achieve success. With the help of my peers, we were able achieve more than ever before. We achieved high honors like the UIL sweepstakes and scores in first division. We also had the highest number of students selected for the TMEA’s all-state chorus and worked with world famous clinicians.

Music is a constant source of nourishment for my soul. I’ve sacrificed sleep, sanity, and even my sanity to be able to do it. I feel blessed.


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