Review Of The Film Weighed But Found Wanting

The Bible verse Daniel5:27 says, “Tekel. You have been found wanting after being weighed.” “

Noli Me Tangere, a novel by Jose Rizal that discusses social injustices, is what I am interested in. Ibarra sees Junior as the hero of the story, and Kuala as the Sisa of the novel.

It is a tragic film. It’s a tale of misplaced loves and corrupted people who ruin the hearts of others. It is about the relationship between Kuala, a woman who lives on the streets and Berto, a leper. They live in a culture that does not accept these two people. The movie had some great ideas. The film has a good message and has a lot of twists. This is another way of educating people on what’s going on in society. It’s a reflection of what’s happening. Berto saw Kuala laying on the ground and concentrating her leg. The situation is not suited to the score. The expression of emotion is not helpful. We know that sound is another element that can surprise, frighten and thrill people.

As I watch the movie, I also read the subtitle. I wonder how other viewers would see the film because the dialogues differ from the subtitle. The subtitles do not always match what actors are saying. Eddie Gutierrez’s scenes of opposition are effective. I felt like he was the real devil because of his actions in kuala. Junior’s soft tone helps to make him seem more like the devil in the tale. Evangeline also does well. She appears to be an innocent girl, but she is actually a fool. She flirts and takes Junior for given, which irritated me. Kuala’s performance is excellent. We all understand that portraying an insane character on film is not easy. I once tried to do it in highschool and I got laughed at by everyone. The only thing you can say is a few short words. She has to convince the audience not only with her words, but also by what she does. She is convincing. Also, her performance is very consistent. Berto ketong’s performance is excellent as I feel sorry for him.

It made me feel as if I were on his side. The way people treated him made me hate them and pity their treatment of him. The story is delivered very naturally by him. It was because of this that when he got shot by a policeman, I asked “what is wrong with society?” And felt like it happens all the time. ” That made my cry. Milagros’ character is vague. After an encounter with Junior, Milagros was no longer in the story. It didn’t have a satisfactory conclusion for me. Maybe she’s going to Manila too, but there are no answers as to where she actually is. A large production is being performed with a lot of actors, and nobody fails to deliver.

Tinimbang KNgunit Kulang has a story that I love. Not only is it dramatic, it has made me reflect on the people around me and the government before. It also led to a question in my mind: Am I alienated by society? . Am I an oppressor? While watching the film, it became clear that there were people who felt alienated and oppressors. Some people are considered outcasts, while others enjoy being superior. Some people are inferior, so we know people like to be superior. In this film, the government was that of Marcos Regime. Some actors claim that the movie takes place during martial laws. The film has oppression to it, because Junior is this successful young man who found his dark side. He’s a lost kid. He’s the son of two rich parents but both his mother and father are naggers. They belong to a Christian women’s group, but in the film they are also villains. Yes. They claimed to be after God, but how could they spread rumours and judge people while Berto was made an outcast in their own community? It was as if they were trying to improve the society in general, but this is not really what it was. I realized a lot, we saw the marginalization the Philippines experienced and the hypocrisy in the people surrounding us. Some of these people are religious. The film is disturbing and touching because of its inhumane judgments. Overall, it’s an amazing movie. I even questioned my place in society. The film reflects what we see today. It is true that social injustices are present, and we will never be free from being influenced by others. The film’s most tragic aspect isn’t the corruption of the government, but the corruption of the men. We made so many mistakes, and it’s painful to watch innocence crumble.

The film’s ending says many things. Junior is one of the few who cares about two social misfits. His attitude overwhelms their mental and physical shortcomings. Kuala’s nightmare of an abortion was transformed into a hope for Junior when he walked with Berto and the newborn to the faces of all the other townspeople. This is a great movie.


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