Review Of The Song “Mockingbird” By Eminem

Marshall Mathers, more commonly known as Eminem on stage, is one the greatest lyricists and artists ever to have worked in rap music. Eminem’s most memorable and meaningful song is “Mockingbird.” I remember being a young child when this song was first released. However, I soon realized that the meaning of this song was important. Many people know that Eminem was a troubled and difficult child. Eminem never met Marshall Mathers Jr. his father. He abandoned Eminem as a child and refused to speak with him. Unfortunately, his family was also affected. Kim Mathers was Eminem’s then-wife and was very far from the couple and their two daughters. These are Eminem’s names for his two daughters. The song explains how Eminem is trying to be there for their children more than their mother since she “disappeared”.

“Mockingbird” is Eminem’s well-thought out apology to his daughters for how their lives turned out. Eminem stated that no matter the circumstances or how bad things get, he will always be there for them, no matter what. Without hesitation, he would give up all he does and has for them. Lowbrow texts can be seen as shallow and unmeaningful. Eminem’s Mockingbird, however, transcends that classification. It explores the complicated upbringing of Marshal Mather (Eminem), daughters Hailee & Alaina and is an emotional apology to them both for not being there as necessary. Mockingbird transcends its lowbrow status. Its important message to modern audiences, through ideas about love, coming-of-age and corruption, makes it a highbrow text. It is only possible to gain a deeper understanding and connection with the song’s lyrics by doing more research.

Eminem takes us back to when his daughters were only two years old and couldn’t understand the gravity of their parents’ actions. Eminem struggles to find a solution to the serious problems that surround him. The real issues are his wife’s departure and his family’s dissolution. He now wants to help his daughters have the best lives possible.

Eminem calls his daughters “little soldiers”, because they are constantly fighting against the adversity they face, as well as the circumstances that their mother has placed them in. Eminem tells Eminem’s daughters to “stiffen their lips”, meaning that he wants them to not cry and that he will fix whatever situation they find themselves in. Eminem’s first verse is the first.

Eminem, Kim Mathers and their relationship has been difficult throughout their marriage. Their marriage was a disaster. But, it isn’t known why. They have been reunited many times since then. Alaina Hailie was left to her father alone, and it was clearly a difficult time in Hailie’s life. Eminem believes he is responsible for the problems in his marriage. He has admitted that Eminem is always on the road, and that this is because he was involved in trying for a record label that would put his name onto a CD. This, he claims, was why he was absent from his family more than he would prefer and was a big reason their marriage was troubled.

Eminem says that all he wants is to give his daughters a good life. Eminem and Kim may have lost the things they wanted to accomplish for their daughters in this time. This is a great example of irony in the life. This is also the main reason Eminem and Kim have separated. The song is now c

Kim and Eminem had an unhappy marriage. They had a turbulent marriage. They were not happy. Eminem stated that he still doesn’t believe they would be a couple again. Eminem is still separated from his wife, and it’s not clear if they will be married ever again. It seemed like they would stay together forever. But that wasn’t the truth. Their love might never be the same again.

The song continues throughout the second verse and ends with the hook.

Eminem’s hook is a comforting song that Eminem gives to his daughters. He wants them to go to bed and not worry about the day. Eminem promises that he will always be there for them, regardless of what their mother is doing.

Kim Mathers had a history of addiction to drugs and alcohol. She was always in serious trouble and would do anything to get along anyone. Eminem assures the girls that her mom is fine and will return when they are ready. Eminem then jumps to verse 2 right after the hook.

This song recalls a time when he was struggling to make it in rap. Kim bought Christmas gifts for Eminem’s daughter and concealed the fact that he didn’t have any money. It made Eminem feel awful and disappointed. The second verse’s next section is:

Eminem states that music was his job and that he enjoys spontaneous rap battles on the streets. The father that cares for and provides for his family is his true job, he says. He felt awful inside, almost like he was worthless. He must have experienced this in 1997, the year after he signed with Aftermath Records. The Mathers family was from Detroit at that time. It was full of crime. Eminem continues to state that the Mathers family was repeatedly robbed and even taken hostage in multiple gang fights. This was a huge negative for their economic situation. The verse’s second half continues on until it comes to the end.

The song’s last verse is a heartfelt and thoughtful apology for Hailie and Alaina. Eminem apologizes for the things he saw. This is not his intention, as they were very young and innocent. Two girls witnessed a once loving family fall apart, and then become a broken and lost family.

Eminem was all alone in 2004 when the song’s release was made. His mother and wife were separated. For reasons I don’t know, he was also not allowed to visit his daughters. Everyone would know that Eminem would do things differently if given the chance to maintain a close family. The song continues with the outro, after the second chorus ends. The outro can be found here

Eminem says in the outro that it would be a sacrifice to smile on the faces of his daughters and to keep them happy. He could even kill the mockingbird they bought. Eminem is clear in stating that he will do whatever it takes to help his daughters. To make his passion clear to his audience, he uses karat measurements and carrots and cusses to accent the lyrics. Eminem is a very emotional performer of this rap song. He has been seen crying several times after performing it.

Eminem gives Mockingbird a deeper meaning through the idea of love. This transcends its lowbrow status. Strike up little soldier; Give your upper lip a good rub; What are you crying about? Eminem recalls in Mockingbird when his daughters were too young for the reality of their home. Eminem and Kim, his off-husband, were going through a tough time. There were many arguments and ‘wars’ that Hailee or Alaina had witnessed firsthand. Eminem refers to the children as ‘little soldiers’ because they have been through a metaphorical war at their home. Eminem uses this quote to support his two daughters and to give them a sense security. Eminem continues by saying, “But I’m tryingin’ to give your the life that you never had,” this is an indication of how Eminem wants to give his daughters the love and affection he didn’t receive during his difficult childhood.

Eminem attempted to help the children, but it was not possible. Kim and Eminem were in a relationship that was difficult. Kim also had his music career. This is an example of the unstable relationships that are destroying families today. Eminem’s daughters were just one example of many children who are unloved and misplaced by their parents. This song provides security for Hailee, Alaina and other children in similar situations. Eminem appears to use the hidden idea that love to transcend its lowbrow status.

Eminem’s iconic and most important song, “Mockingbird”, has been recorded over a hundred times. This song is also his best. It shows Eminem riding the emotional rollercoaster of his daily life as he raises his daughters, Hallie-Alaina. Eminem is constantly giving comfort to his daughters. His only goal is to be the greatest dad possible for his daughters. Eminem might not be considered a great dad because of his past experiences, but because of the dedication and effort he made for his daughters, he is a great dad.


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