Romantic And Traditional Mentality In Dead Poets Society

The impact of traditional and romantic mentality is illustrated in the movie Dead Poets Society. Mr. McAllister advocates the traditional, outlined way of life. Mr. Keating embraces romantic carpe diem. Which is the best way to think? Both perspectives have their advantages, but they also have drawbacks. The best way to make life decisions is to use your romantic instincts with care and education.

Neil Perry, a passionate actor, is caught in a quandary that could endanger his dream of becoming an actor. Neil’s father already has Neil as his future profession, making it difficult for him to make his father happy and also himself. Neil seeks the advice of Mr. Keating to help him decide what is best for him. Keating believes Neil’s father will lead him to a miserable future. Keating believes that Neil should be open about his feelings and tell his father what he thinks. The beauty of a romantic outlook is the greater possibility for fulfillment and meaning in life. Neil Perry is an actor who considers acting more than a hobby. Neil has wanted to join a play since he was a child. Henley Hall presents the perfect opportunity. Todd Aderson asks Neil if he is really willing to do it. Neil says that he knows what he wants to do for the first time in his entire life. It’s my first time doing it! It doesn’t matter if my father tells me otherwise! Carpe diem!”. Since childhood, acting was his dream. Neil discovered that acting is his true purpose in life, even though his father disapproves.

A romantic’s outlook is a great way to start your life. It will make you less likely to make costly mistakes and take more time. Knox Overstreet had no idea what it was like to fall in love with Chris. Knox discovers that he was “calm” throughout his life. He wants to change this. He decides to ask Chris out, even if he knows she has an ex-boyfriend. Knox makes the brave move to call her, stating to his friends that he will “carpe diem even if it kills” Knox is willing to take a risk with Chris and call her after stating to his friends, “carpe diem…even if it kills me”.

In the movie Dead Poets Society there is a conflict between Traditionalists and Romantics between several characters. Even though there are many scenes that show traditionalists have their pros, high schoolers should be able to enjoy their youth until they reach adulthood. Romantics believe that taking risks is the best way to achieve the happiness one desires. Colby Brock, a YouTuber and influencer famous for his romantic outlook, is one example. His social media endeavors in Vine were bullied at school. He and Sam Golbach were bullied by many students for creating videos that they enjoyed. At age 18, he began a YouTube channel. After moving to California, he adopted the slogan “Take Chances” as a way to express all of the decisions and risks that he had to take to get to the point he is at today. He reminds his fans to enjoy exploring videos and take chances. I believe that high schoolers should adopt a romantic mindset.


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