The Development Of Tony Stark, The Iron Man

Table of Contents

The Change of Character

Present Stage

Stagnation versus Generativity

Two Stages Before

Autonomy or Shame and Doubt

Intimacy versus Isolation

Tony Stark, the son of Howard Stark (and Maria Stark) was born May 29, 1969. Howard and Tony Stark had a difficult relationship as children. The tension was intense. Howard was an inventor and a businessman. He had a difficult childhood. His mother and father were not close to him. Stark graduated from MIT as a 17-year-old child prodigy. Stark’s parents, Bucky and Mary Stark, were killed in an automobile accident. Stark assumed the role of CEO of Stark Industries after he inherited their company. Stark was irresponsible and didn’t value core ideas. He played a major role in helping the company grow. He became a well-known designer of weapons and inventor over the years and led a “playboy” lifestyle.

The Change of Character

Tony Stark described himself as a billionaire. He was also a playboy. (Avenger film) Tony Stark enjoyed a rich lifestyle, until the Ten Rings captured him. This terrorist organization was able to take away all his riches. Tony Stark, who was held prisoner in an armored suit, returned to his home telling everyone that he was Iron Man. Obadiah Staine became his enemy as he fought against terrorists. Iron Man gained responsibility and learned the value of living a responsible life. Iron Man started out as an arrogant CEO in his company. He later created a machine to save humanity. Stark was unaware of his great power and goodness. Stark finally identifies with his heroic side, declaring that he is Iron Man. Iron Man 2 saw him get drunker and have a party, leaving him feeling even more self-conscious. Stark is transformed into a hero in the movie ‘Avengers’ when he takes on the role of a world-saving hero. Stark becomes inspired to act selflessly after he has survived the sacrifice. Stark continues to work hard on his Iron Man suits.

Present Condition

Generativity or stagnation? Tony Stark, a member of Marvel Cinematic Universe, is currently 48 years old. Stark is now an adult and is currently at the stage “Generativity or Stagnation.” You can achieve this sense of genertivity by teaching children or working with people in groups. Stagnation (or lack of generativity) is feeling depressed or lonely. Stark doesn’t have children but he does work with people. It is possible to argue that Stark, also known as Iron Man, can influence the next generation through his role as an icon and role model. Stark’s emotional growth is evident as he continues to grow. Stark’s personal story is illustrated by his decision to rebuild “Stark Tower” after it was destroyed and build an Avengers building to show his dedication to it.

Two Stages Before

Autonomy and Shame versus Doubt. Stark was a toddler when he experienced “Autonomy against Shame and Doubt”. Individuals who have autonomy can make their own decisions and decide what the next steps are (and not rely on others). Stark has been through the stage. Stark is driven to innovate and he will tackle any villain or problem that comes his way. Stark encounters a millionaire from his past, a Russian terrorist who uses electric whips (Basically dangerous), along with another genius terrorist in Iron Man 3. He even offers to fight a friend when he believes someone is in danger.

Intimacy versus Isolation

Stark’s character can be understood by understanding the next Eriksonian Stage, “Intimacy against Isolation”, which is during young adulthood. This stage is about whether you will be loved or lonely. Stark did not experience intimacy at this stage, and he was lonely. Stark is an excellent example of this. He has a tendency to enter into shallow relationships but doesn’t want to commit. Stark understood that emotional isolation can lead to loneliness and a lack of freedom.

Erikson states that failure to change these thoughts can lead to emotional stagnation. Stark’s girlfriend Pepper, who is a serial killer, becomes very angry at Stark because he doesn’t remember a lot. Pepper is allergic to strawberries so he bought her strawberries.


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