The Hidden Messages In 12 Angry Men, A Film Directed By Sidney Lumet

12 Angry Men tells the dramatic story of 12 jurors who had diverse behavior. The case involved a teenager who stabbed his father. The case of the teenage boy who stabbed his father took a lot more deliberation. This movie is an allegorical story that hides the meanings of objects used in the case. The symbolisms are the eyeglasses, the rain, and the jury. An allegorical story, poem, and picture can be used to convey a hidden meaning. Usually, it is a moral or politcal one. It was difficult to resolve the case of the boy that stabbed his father. It was difficult to determine whether jurors agreed on the guilt or innocence of the case. Hidden meanings were hidden behind the knife that the boy used to stab his father. The 12 Angry men movie contains many symbolic meanings. The Jury is represented by the Rain, Eyeglasses are represented by the Eyeglasses. The entire jury was used to symbolize the agreement on the case. The lady who was at the court hearing had eyeglasses. She claimed she saw him stab his father. However, when she appeared in court she changed character and stated a completely different story. Eyeglasses are a sign of a character change, that is, it can be wise or emotional. The story’s rain symbolised tension and the degustation that would result from the case. Jurors became tired of hearing the arguments and saw the rain as a degustation of whether the case was guilty or not. When the rain stopped, everyone knew it wasn’t guilty. Twelve Angry Men contained several messages that were hidden from jurors. The message was sent as symbols that showed how to determine whether the case was guilty. The message was hidden and people were anxious to know the outcome.