The Impact Of The Lord Of The Rings On Popular Culture

The Lord of the Rings series is among the most spectacular and popular of all time. The books by J.R.R Tolkien are the basis for the movies. Since their publication, these books have left a deep impression on popular culture. Peter Jackson’s film versions have enhanced the impact of this series.

The series has influenced writers, books and the entertainment industry, among others. The books had already influenced culture long before they were adapted for the screen. The effects of Lord of the Rings were widespread and far-reaching. Although the books were published over 60 years ago, they remain universally popular and a huge success. Tolkien may not have invented fantasy, but he certainly defined it. Tolkien is responsible for the success of many other young adult books. Tolkien also inspired other authors to write similar books.

George R.R Martin is a celebrated author who is best known for his wildly popular fantasy series. Lord of the Rings were the first movie adaptations of young adult books. Peter Jackson is credited with starting the trend of filming based on these genres. Since the Lord of the Rings films were released, many fantasy novels have been adapted for the screen. Earlier, films based upon novels were more classical in nature such as Gone with the Wind. Jackson also used special effects that are still used today. CGI would not have been possible without the series. The movies were blockbusters that even helped Tolkien gain more recognition. Many fans of Tolkien’s novels began to recreate their favorite characters after seeing the movies. Video games, action figure and jewellery were all created based upon the movies, the storyline, or the characters.

J.R.R Tolkien, his books and the later adaptations of the novels have had an enormous impact on culture and the entertainment industry. The popularity of the series has not decreased despite its age. Lord of the Rings continues to be popular despite its age.


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